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PDSS are proud to be the agent for NUB Engineering and STDS. This gives us the opportunity to offer the widest range of top quality augers and drilling tools to meet all requirements.

All augers and drilling tools are made to order and to agreed specifications for our clients. We are happy to recommend what we believe to be most suitable for the rigs and ground conditions that our clients have and will ensure that the tools offered match the torque of the machines they are intended for use with.​

Be they 75mm augers for munitions clearance or 3.4m diameter augers for foundation piles we are able to supply them to the highest quality and to agreed delivery dates.

Drilling buckets, cleaning buckets and core barrels are all manufactured for wet or dry bores and can be fitted with a selection of teeth or auger blades to facilitate different ground conditions and rig types.

CFA tools, mini piling tools or rotary tools are all available  together with displacement augers, water-well or geothermal drilling equipment. Contact us for a brochure and to discuss any requirements you may have.

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